God’s Justice is about to Roll!! (Amos 5:24)

God’s Justice is about to Roll!! (Amos 5:24)
What I’m about to share, I am convinced with my whole heart is about to happen to this nation. Change is coming swiftly. These are sober times we are living in and you will want to be as close to the Lord’s heart as possible and BE READY for God to use you to lead others to Him!!!! 
Yesterday morning the Lord spoke to me during prayer saying that He was about to reveal to me things coming in the west, and to be watchful. 
Last night while I was sleeping, The Lord was there in a dream, and He spoke to me to read Ezekiel 3 and also to read the book of Amos, that it would make things clear for me. He told me to stand strong and proclaim His message. The first thing I did when I woke up was go fix my coffee. For the last two days I have been hearing the word “Holly-Rude” like “Hollywood” only “Holly-rude” and finally the Lord spoke as I was cranky from having been woken up too early by my son, and said “Hollywood is in for a rude awakening.” I still did not have full understanding, though I remembered yesterday I heard Him saying something about an earthquake and wondered if there was a connection. Please know I am prayerful about what God shows me in pieces and only announce them when understanding comes, and when He says to announce them.
This morning during prayer, He said that the four pillars holding this nation up, are about to crumble, and that this nation will “fold”. I then saw a vision of the map of the USA, and after the pillars crumbled, the land that was once held up and sturdy, fell and appeared to roll like a bowl full of jello. I actually heard the word “roll”. I didn’t understand it but I wrote it down anyway.
When I read Ezekiel 3, I understood God was commissioning me as a watchman and to set my face like flint and proclaim a message. When I read Amos, I was surprised to see a devotional inside titled “Let’s Roll”. Which is based off of Amos 5:21-24 “I hate, I despise your religious festivals; your assemblies are a stench to me. Even though you bring me burnt offerings and grain offerings,I will not accept them.Though you bring choice fellowship offerings,I will have no regard for them. Away with the noise of your songs! I will not listen to the music of your harps. But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!”

(Read the book of Amos for yourself to get a better understanding of how the nation of America is like the nation of Israel.) 
Now some of you may say, this scripture is a beautiful depiction of how righteousness and repentance will change Gods mind, but I believe God is saying, at this point, He is finished listening to people who say they are going to repent and don’t. That He is about to act, and this mighty act of Justice will cause repentance and revival. I also saw the Lord as a heart surgeon using a sharp tool to perform heart surgery on this nation. Many may think it is unnecessary, but what the Lord is showing and speaking to me is that this wound is a grievous wound. A terminal illness to this country unless He performs this heart surgery that will be uncomfortable for many. But trust that this act is to save us!!!
This scripture on Justice and the word “roll” has great significance to me because of a vision and a word God gave me months ago about a coming wave starting from the west coast that would bring two things: 1. Judgement and 2. Revival. He had used the words “Roll” and “Tide” and “Holy Rolling Empire” It also prophesied the New Civil Rights Movement, more importantly involving Gay Rights (here is the link: https://brideawakenedministries.wordpress.com/2015/05/16/makers-movement-and-the-peace-offering/ )
I truly believe the coming Tsunami is partially the wave in the link posted above that will happen soon in the west coast. Fox News’s Shepherd Smith reported it. Here is the link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=M-Lccf54JGE 
The Lord has also given me many words and dreams about a coming wave to this nation that will start on the West coast. Here is a prophetic dream I had about a Tsunami where I was sounding the alarm while the media covered it: https://brideawakenedministries.wordpress.com/2015/07/16/tsunami/
Here is another prophetic dream I had in January about the gay rights issue involving waves and the tide and Gods Justice in the end:

Here is another word I gave about a coming wave..at the time it wasn’t as clear to me, but notice how this wave is something that takes courage and strength to stand during adversity, as well as God blessing and taking care of His children as well as faithfully fulfilling His promises. https://brideawakenedministries.wordpress.com/2015/04/07/the-wave/
I have shared why I feel this wave is the Tsunami, so let me share why I also believe it will bring revival, though in previous words I stated above, it is evident.
Smith Wiggles-worth prophecies about waves coming to America signified revival. Notice during these waves the revivals broke out after times of hardship: http://www.prayforscotland.org.uk/smith-wigglesworths-1947-prophetic-word/ 
I also believe this tsunami has much symbolism in spite of the fact it is literally going to happen. If you read my article on the vision and word I gave about the “Makers Movement, the Wave, and the Peace agreement” then you will see more prophecies on what is coming to this nation. Also be in prayer about Jade Helm, economic collapse, and be watchful of Russia. The Lord showed me it is Putin’s intentions on attacking us with nukes.
People of God be in prayer for this nation, seek Gods heart like never before so you may hear what the Spirit is saying in this hour!!! If you do not agree with this word, please know I am not proclaiming that the entire nation will be destroyed. Please read the articles above carefully, and read your Bible instead of ingesting a doctrine of demons by false prophets who preach peace, safety, and continual prosperity to an idolatrous country!!! And know that Gods children will be safe, a remnant was spared in Israel too!!! Stay in the Secret Place to hear what God is saying right now!!! If you are one who “judges a word” then please know your negative comments will not be received. The only thing we should be fearful of is God, not man. I know my Shepherd’s voice, and He will judge this word on whether or not it comes to pass!!! Only seek His voice for yourself!! Test the spirit of this word by asking Him to show you Himself! At least I will have been successful in one thing, and that is to get people to seek God’s heart and voice for themselves!!!
2 Chronicles 7:13-14 “When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command locusts to devour the land or send a plague among my people, if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 

Love in Christ,

Laura Boaz


Prophetic Dream on Gay Rights Issue

Prophetic dream on gay rights issue: 

*Also note the rainbow colors with the buildings and the slushies.

“Three Waves Theatre” 1-9-15

I dreamed I was on the beach, chit chatting away. The tide was out and I had my towel placed several sandbars in. Suddenly a huge wave comes toward us and we freak out and move closer toward the sand. The tide was coming in, finally a second wave hits, this time closer to me, then a third which is not so bad. By this time we are all up on dry sand trying to figure out what’s going on. Then I see all the water had been blocking these buildings. They were very tall and stately looking, all different colors. I began to comment on them and someone corrected me just as I began to figure out it was the backdrop for a theatre scene. This dance began with a man and a woman on this stage and now we were all sitting in seats in an auditorium. The story was familiar to me. The woman began to dance and showed she had no leg, but the man didn’t care and began to woo her. It was supposed to be a tear jerker leaving all the people changed and renewed toward people who are disabled but when the woman began to sing we all figured out she was actually a man playing a woman’s part. I turned to the woman next to me and told her it was really making me angry. However at the end everyone was supposed to declare they should get together but almost no one did. The majority was against it which was not the common response for this story. The director was very upset. It became a huge issue. Finally one man ran to the stage in her support and several more ran down. Since I supported their boldness I ran down too (even though I was opposed to the moral issue). But as the entire cast and crew as well as the few supporters on the stage began to cry out to God I became distracted. I felt like they were trying to get everyone ok with gay rights, and the audience did too. People on stage were making a huge effort holding hands to show they backed up the actors. They said that we were seeking justice and making a big to do about justice but I still felt wrong about it because I didn’t think God would support gay rights. Finally I saw that the stage turned into a shop and the director was giving out multicolored slushies and selling things. Then me and a friend went to the director who was at a cash register and told her why the other side was against her. She said “oh they want to play mom?” And we began to tell her that it was more of an opposition to gay rights issue and she said that the man playing a woman was a cop, then I felt I caught her in a lie when she said that the man was not in reality a woman. Which was very silly to lie about. Overall I thoughts She did a horrible job casting roles.
When I was writing this dream out, I heard a song in the background that said “your justice flows like the oceans tide.” And I felt the Holy Spirit was saying His justice would win out in the end..



 Had this dream back in 20012 which I believe is about the coming Tsunami on the west coast. I do not know if the rest of the dream was about myself or is symbolic for others that will be effected because in my dreams sometimes the Lord has me go through what others are going through so I can feel it on a personal level so as to pray. Anyway, I’m not seeking interpretation, I just want to put it out there that I believe this is about the coming tsunami.
I dreamed I was hovering over the Ocean and the Lord was revealing to me something important. He was in a battle with the devil and the devil kept tossing these waves at him repeatedly. I never got the sense that the Lord fought back..it was like he was just waiting it out. Finally I felt like he’d had enough and was gearing up to throw this monster wave at the devil to just completely wipe him out. I was cheering him on, even though I thought this may result in damage to the people on shore. I see this wave come up against the enemy and I think I even saw a mouth at the top of the wave to consume the enemy. Next thing I know I’m on shore and I realized I had been given revelation ahead of time. I see that the media has alerted the people on the beach but no one was taking them seriously. I began to see the importance of the revelation I’d been given and I told everyone on the beach to listen to me and get away from the water and flee the city because a monster Tsunami was coming. The older kids and adults didn’t heed my warning, but the children came with me. I remember there being a cove I was standing at and I saw the water completely leave it. Then I knew it was too late to leave the city. I told the kids to run with me! I remember thinking I had a little of an advantage because I had been forewarned, but I assumed I’d have more time to get out. Everyone in the city ran and fled for their lives and I see people climbing and scrambling to get to higher ground. I was running with a girl I knew from High School named Danielle. I saw her and a woman from a foreign country climb up a very, very tall ladder that was attached to a sky scraper. This was a city that was very densely populated. Danielle was already climbing up her ladder and I saw another. I was thinking this might be my only chance to get to high ground before the killer wave hit…so I began my climb up. I remember waiting there for hours and hours while the foundation of the building crumbled under me..I just had to hang in there and trust the Lord to deliver me. I saw Danielle fall from her place (She had been extremely high up at one point) I remember I settled around the middle of the tall building. I don’t know why I didn’t climb all the way up to the top. I just wanted to be high enough to be out of harms way. I remember the media covering all of this and a helicopter flew by us at one point. I remember finally being rescued and my husband was praising God when he saw me on the news. I remember people on the news dressing up like me because somehow I had set a trend. I also remember my husband giving me special treatment because all I had endured. I was just grateful the Lord had brought me out of there.


Why I speak up for the unborn

This dream God gave me is why I will never stop speaking up for the unborn. It doesn’t matter what has happened in the past, God forgives!! Let’s just do our best to keep it from happening!! 

I dreamed I was sitting at a table inside a hospital. I saw a nurse and a woman walked in the room who was hurting about something regarding her daughter. The nurse told her she could help her, and I saw her talking to her about things that made her feel better. I remember thinking “Oh good they are doing ministry here.” Then the daughter walked in and I knew she was very special in some way, especially to the mother. But something was happening that I was uncomfortable with, I knew they were discussing a medical procedure, and the way the nurse was talking it was going to be so very good for this young girl to undergo.
I really began feeling uncomfortable at this point, like this might be something I shouldn’t support, but I wanted to show my love anyway. Love for these women was the driving force inside of me. I walked out of the room and sat at a table outside the exam room, because I felt a connection to the young girl. Then some hospital staff came out and began discussing the procedure, and the options of adoption. At one point I became angry because one of the staff made a racial comment and I spoke to those sitting at my table how upset I was. Then suddenly a nurse came out of the room the young girl was in. I saw her throw something in the trash can and I wouldn’t have thought twice about it because she was so upscale looking. But the Holy Spirit said “Go look and see what she just threw away.” I went and looked and saw that a fully developed fetus, about five months old was writhing in the trash can. Then I looked and saw another baby up underneath that one but the head was very minuscule and only a piece was left attached. 
The baby was still alive but I knew it would not make it. Suddenly the weight of the situation hit me and all I could stand to do was scream and cry. The weight of what had been committed was placed on me and I suddenly became aware there were women in hell being tortured because of the guilt of having done this to their own babies. All I could do was scream and cry, I couldn’t move otherwise. Then the Lord was there and came up to me, His presence took the pain away. He told me that He was about to give me the dream over again, some things would be different but that didn’t matter…and also, that this time He wanted me to remove the babies from the trash can. I told Him, “Lord I can’t do it, how can you ask me to do this?” I was remembering the torture I felt and how I could do nothing but lament in grief. He said “Laura, if I was in that trash can would you get me out?” I said “Yes Lord. Of course.” And I knew I would. This thought and reality became the driving force and strength to do what needed to be done. It took me a while to calm down inside the dream. I remember resting against a wall and closing my eyes allowing the peace of God to wash over me and fill me until finally the dream started over from the beginning. 
I stood up from my place at the wall and saw the same people in the room. However a group of teenagers from all kinds of different backgrounds entered the room. It was crazy because I remember thinking gangs usually have a group of ethnicity where they only hang out with their own kind, but these were rich people, poor people, black people, white people…from all races, backgrounds, and lifestyles. It was confusing to me how they could be a gang, but they were. Some were being dared to go into the hospital wing side where all the workers were. I wished they wouldn’t go. But they had this foolishness about them that teenagers do, and some of them entered. Even those who were from good families. These hurt me the worst because they knew better, were taught better than some others. I felt I had understanding, and I turned my head toward where the exam room and trash can was. To my surprise the room was crowded. It was packed full of people unlike before, and there was a buzz like their hearts were full of hustle and bustle of whatever was going on in their lives. I thought, “Lord, these people do not have the heart to receive.” Then I saw the blonde nurse come out and pass by the trash can. I was strengthened because of what the Lord had spoken to me and I went and saw the babies again. I did not feel torture, I felt an urgency to save these babies. I pulled them out and held them. The one with the head severed breathed its last breath in my hand but I felt the baby was comforted that someone cared. Both the babies felt my skin, it was enough to let them know that love was near them. The baby that was still alive looked underdeveloped but I knew he had a fighting chance. I began to scream again when the baby with the severed head died. I screamed so loud, but this time it was not a scream of anguish and torture, but one of injustice. I held the babies up for everyone in the room to see the reality of what had been done. I screamed so loud it pierced their busy hearts. Some looked at me and felt what I felt, others just kept walking but I knew I had done the right thing. I took the babies down the hallway so that the one that was still alive could get the proper care it needed. I remember a man following me as I took the baby where it needed to be ok. I just remember bonding with the baby once his skin touched my skin and it was instant comfort to him that someone was going to feed him.
The next part of the dream I will sum up because it’s very detailed. Basically I was shown all the different reasons why people abort by having to live their lives. I was holding the same baby I had saved from the trash can and trying to ward away people from trying to kill it. I was a victim of rape, and incest, I also was a pre-teen who most thought I wasn’t capable of being a mother…all of these older people who thought they knew better than I, tried to convince me that abortion was a form of medicine that I must accept. The entire time I could feel the baby stressing out. The baby knew I was his mother and that I was upset. The baby was feeling my pain as I was trying to save his life. 
Then suddenly I was caught up by Jesus and brought into Heaven. We were standing in a garden full of the Chinese trees that were in Mulan at the end of the movie where she was speaking with her father. The Lord told me that His Father wished to speak with me. I looked and saw an elderly man, who was very kind and gentle. I understood He was appearing this way so as not to terrify me. We began walking along and then Jesus left, and it was just I and the Father. He began to speak to me of how He sent His Son to the earth and He got to watch Him grow, and how precious He was to Him…that it was an experience He would never forget and He had so many good memories of when Jesus was an infant and grew into manhood. As we walked in this garden, I saw the trees moving out of His way so as not to touch Him, so He wouldn’t be disturbed. This amazed me and I realized I was formally being commissioned to speak up for the unborn. When the magnitude of the situation hit me, I began to feel unworthy of such a thing. Soon Jesus came to comfort me and brought me back to earth.
 I found myself in a room with many other people who don’t live a Christian lifestyle. I saw a woman walk up to the doorway and announce to the room that God had just removed an obstacle in her life that now she could finally be successful. She really believed this, but I had a word of knowledge about her and I spoke up. I said “Was the obstacle you speak of, twins that you just aborted?” She looked at me shocked and said “How dare you!” Then I said, “Don’t talk as if God just paved the way for you by getting rid of something that wasn’t His will. The truth is that He does not condone abortion, it’s murder.” Everyone in the room was upset with me. We got into a heated debate. I remember thinking how sad it was that people always say they don’t believe that God would ever send anyone to hell because He is too loving. Then turn around and kill their own children before they ever have a chance to live. When the truth is God gives the sinner every chance in the world to escape hell by giving them a long life filled with warnings to turn from their wicked ways. Someone next to me asked me what right I have to speak such things to them when I’ve never had to be faced with the choice of having an abortion? (Which I realize now was why I had felt unworthy of the call.) I told her that God commissioned me to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves and I was just going to continue being obedient and speaking up for them. I could still feel that baby in my arms and I longed to get as many out of the trash can as I could before it was too late for them. When I woke up, the Holy Spirit said to me. “No matter if they are born, or born again, they must make a choice…And so Am I.”


Star of Bethlehem

I have been asked what I feel the significance of the appearance of the Star of Bethlehem is, and I feel the Lord has finally given me revelation. I don’t know if this has been said or shared as of yet, but I’m going to relate what I got in prayer this morning, hoping it will at least provide confirmation..
We know that when the star showed up during the period of Jesus’s birth, Mary and Joseph were living in dark times. Jerusalem was inhabited by, and ultimately ruled by Rome. Many thought they were living in the time of the end and were expecting the coming of the Messiah. The wise men were watching the signs in the heavens and understood when they saw the star, the arrival of the Savior was near. Mary and Joseph were responding to the census and traveling to Bethlehem because they had to. However, they were led by God in a dream to flee to Egypt shortly after Jesus’s birth to escape Herod’s decree to kill the infants in Bethlehem. Here is my point: God led the wise men. God led Mary and Joseph. Even in the midst of all the turmoil around them… and despite the dark times they were living in, God led them to safety. 
I believe the Star is a sign to be Spirit led in this hour and I don’t think it’s a coincidence it has shown up right before the final blood moon and right before the Shemitah. I believe this sign is one of comfort, and blessed assurance to those who are watchful and true. And also a call for those not paying attention, to seek the Lord as the wise men did because the times we are living in are also very dark. We should all be seeking intimacy with Jesus through prayer and LISTENING TO WHAT THE HOLY SPIRIT SAYS IN RESPONSE!! This is what many call the “Secret Place” where we spend time with Jesus by sharing our heart with Him and receiving back what the Holy Spirit is saying!! (Isaiah 45:3 I will give you hidden treasures,riches stored in secret places,so that you may know that I am the Lord,the God of Israel, who summons you by name.)
I also believe that we should be like Mary and Joseph, by taking action on the will of the Father, even when what He says makes no sense! We should go when He says go, and most importantly, TRUST that He will lead us to safety!! Our Savior, the Light of the World, the Bright and Morning Star is our Guide. He most assuredly will lead us through whatever storm comes our way..No matter what our government decides or does, God is more powerful and more than capable of keeping His children safe from the powers and principalities that rule this dark world!!
Peter wrote about a “morning star” as being prophecy, messages and divine revelation given to men as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit. ( 2 Peter 1:19-21 We also have the prophetic message as something completely reliable, and you will do well to pay attention to it, as to a light shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the MORNING STAR rises in your hearts. Above all, you must understand that no prophecy of Scripture came about by the prophet’s own interpretation of things. For prophecy never had its origin in the human will, but prophets, though human, spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.) I personally believe Peter is not just talking about the scriptures, but that we are all able to hear the Spirit of prophecy, which is Jesus who dwells inside of our own hearts. (Revelation 19:10) And may I ask, If this were not true then why does he say: “Until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your own hearts?” My question to fellow Christians is this: If we have received the Holy Spirit, then what is stopping us from hearing from Him? Shouldn’t we be seeking Him and searching Him out like the wise men did? The Holy Spirit IS our guide!! Ask Him to show you more and to lead you just like He did the wise men with the star! Find your secret place in Him and He will show you things you never thought possible and lead you to the mountain of safety!
Revelation 2:26-29 To the one who is victorious and does my will to the end, I will give authority over the nations— that one ‘will rule them with an iron scepter and will dash them to pieces like pottery’—just as I have received authority from my Father. I will also give that one the MORNING STAR. Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches.
Revelation 22:16 “I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star.” 



Legions of Angels

I feel I have a word from the Lord for many in ministry right now. I feel like trails and shaking are occurring. I saw that, like a rose, we are being hard pressed so that the fragrance of Christ is spread and Glory is brought to His name. I saw that many are making themselves the least in serving right now…If you have made yourself the least, expect to be hard pressed and shaken on every side in the form of spiritual warfare. Expect that the enemy will use others to come against you in word and deed. This is not because of anything you are doing wrong, but because you are doing right by reflecting the Glory of Christ’s image as you serve humbly. The Lord is allowing this pressing to use you and amplify His word inside of you in this hour. You will be like the light on top of the hill. I have had many visions, words and dreams this year about a movement of God. I sensed and saw that many are in transition as we press on and press in toward the prize which is the heart of the Father. I also saw that our journey is nearing its goal…SOON and VERY SOON we will see what Jesus has promised us. I do not know what exactly this is, but that we are coming into a greater glory and greater revelation where we will be so in tune with the Heart of the Father that we will be steps ahead of the enemy. I sense much is going on and is about to happen. I feel a weight inside me, a burden for my country like never before. I feel many are sensing this burden too right now. I sense the enemy is preparing to come like a flood, but that should not scare us because God is equipping us with something much more powerful than any weapon of the enemy. He has shown me through confirmation that He has sent forth LEGIONS of angels. These are angels that have not been active on the earth in a very long time. There are specific Angels whose jobs are to stir up the earth and release the Glory of God through signs and wonders that haven’t been seen in a very long time. Some of these things will be peculiar and unheard of but they are indeed the acts of God to bring glory to His name. I see God sending His angels to snatch people from destruction. I see them snatching the children of the Most High who have been marked with the seal of God. What the enemy meant for disaster and what looks like the end, God will move in the last minute to spare, salvage, and save!!! I feel like many of the church are in for a rude awakening. I saw the church as a living thing who had been covered in a hard shell, but that the Lord caused this shaking and movement…this will feel like loss but it really is meant to preserve life and preserve the church in America. I see the hardness being chipped away, which will feel uncomfortable, and many will be asking the Lord, “Why are you doing this, I thought you loved me?” But it is indeed to remove the scales from off of people’s eyes and so that the softness of the Bride will be exposed and we will be walking more intimately and tenderly with Christ than ever before. Oh boy do I hear REVIVAL!!!! REVIVAL, REVIVAL, REVIVAL is coming!!!!! The Lord will have us walking in Courage more than ever before. We will be calling forth and mustering courage and grabbing hold of the promise and use our faith to walk on the turbulent waters because it is here where the harvest is. When others smell the sweet fragrance of what we are going through as we share testimony, others are going to be drawn to Christ like a magnet and HARVEST will be had. I feel like change is coming. It will be a shaking…it will be so that Christ will have His way, and His will will be done. Keep pressing closer to Him. If you are feeling the shaking you are right where you need to be. Stand firm and persevere!!!! We are nearly there to that place of promise, that place of Glory where the Lord will be operating through us in greater glory and power than ever before. Revival, revival revival!!!! Chains are gonna fall!!!  


What’s going on with the US Economy?

  There is a lot of talk about the USA’s economy and the loss of the value of the dollar. I’ve spoken to many who don’t believe this is true, that America will continue to be blessed financially and no judgement is coming. Naturally, I wanted to hear what The Lord would say on this subject for myself so I have been praying for confirmation. I meant to post this sooner, but I had entirely forgotten about it until today. This is a dream God gave me On May 16th and also the interpretation and partial manifestation of the dream which seems to hold the answer I’ve been seeking Him for.

I dreamed I was on a river full of alligators. They were absolutely enormous, three times the size of a full grown gator. I remember people being on the safe side of the river, but I, and a sister in Christ, wanted to go fishing so we began walking on top of this terribly muddy water to where a town was. The gators were just huge and it was a miracle we were not devoured. We reached this town that was flooded entirely, but there were buildings that were open for business in spite of all the nasty water. We found one shop that had something we were looking for. Once inside, I noticed the floors were flooded. It was like walking on top of wet cardboard and I felt like anyone could fall through the floor at any moment. I remember trying on dresses, one was a beautiful white lace gown, like a wedding dress. I was concerned for my friend at one point and as I looked at her I knew the enemy wanted to devour her by using one of those gators outside. I was determined she would not be devoured, so I reasoned with her that we had to get out of there before we fell through the floor and got eaten. I remember these workers in the building wanted to continue with this business and had jobs for us, but I was like how can you expect to make money when the floors are flooded and the alligators are everywhere? But people spent, sold, ate and drank in this town despite all that was stacked against it. I got my friend out of there before they could put us to work.
When I woke up, I knew this had to do with the American economy and that the alligators represented some type of disaster waiting to happen. I wondered if it meant that anyone who invested in the economy, would essentially be dooming themselves for failure.. That the business would eventually fall through the floor?? But I wanted confirmation from the Holy Spirit before making such a claim. Three days after this dream, my friend called me and asked me to go fishing with her! This has never happened to me before, and I remembered the dream. I told her yes I would go. On the way, I told her this dream since I believed this message was for her as well. (In the dream I reasoned with my sister in Christ we had to get out of there to save her from the devourer.) She smiled the whole time I was telling her, and had a strange look on her face. I said “What is it, why are you grinning at me like that?” She told me that she and her husband had just been talking the night before about starting a franchise and investing in a business, and that my dream was confirmation to her that investing right now is a bad idea. We both feel that this was also confirmation about the current state of the American dollar and how people are just spending money like crazy, just clueless, or just not even caring about the debt we are in as a nation. People have asked me how to prepare, but the only thing the Lord has shown me is to be close to His heart and seek after Him and He will show us. I do know that He has been placing His children strategically for the times ahead, and has called us to be wise, like the virgins who had extra oil in their lamps. Disaster or change will not surprise us if we stick close to Him. The scripture that came to mind with this dream was Luke 17:26-27 “Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man. People were eating, drinking, marrying and being given in marriage up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them all.” If you are currently considering investing right now, I advise you to really seek God for confirmation first.